Things I do to earn...

I've mentioned that I am a doctor a profession, an ophthalmologist to be exact. I'm still in active practice, although it's a little more laid back than others. I only work 4 half days a week in my clinic, although this does not include operations and laser procedures, which are usually scheduled. I love my medical practice. I also like the fact that I actually spend a lot of time with my toddler.

However, a 4 half-day practice does not translate into as much earnings as I'd like.

So, I set up an online store. I figured that this would be something I could operate from home. So far, business is growing. It's not as fast as I would like, buy,hey, I'm not complaining. I just started last November, and I didn't really invest a big amount. So I'm happy with the fact that it's getting recognized.

I've also started on some online programs which promise earning when you search, when you surf and when you post on forums. So far, I've earned SOME. I'm still in the process of trying to figure out which are the legit programs and which are scams. So far I've just joined those programs which are free to join. As soon as I've more or less made a review, I'll comment on them here.

So far, my earnings and that of my husband are enough for our day to day expenses. I'd like to increase the earnings because in a few year's time, I'd have to pay for my son's education. Here in the Philippines, quality education does not come cheap. But I'd say it will probably the best investment I'm going to make for my son.

Update: I put up other blogs! for my online "works" and which is where I sell my stuff. (updated 11.20.2007)