The Way Students Nowadays Do Research

I've always thought that students nowadays have an easier time with doing their researches since information was so widely available and so easy to obtain using a simple click of the mouse. Search engines like Google have definitely made researching easier for all of us.
The Whole Internet Truth
What we have to watch out for is misinformation. It does not mean that if the information is out there, it's all bound to be true. When researching, we still have to use our very own "computer", our brains, to filter out which are true and which are not.


Anonymous said...

true lol. Most of my classmytes just copy paste their lab reports(walang edit edit) and the teacher would not even notice it. sometimes their grades are higher than those people who opted for the library (...and some googling). tama nga cla siguro- nsa net nmn eh haha

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