Coffee break ver. 1.40

Another Coffee Break question from Jan:

I've always loved talking with my cousin Garvin. He was what my husband would consider an old soul. He was always startling us with surprisingly adult conversations even when he was less than 10 years old. He was so mature for his age.

One Christmas (I don't know how old he was), my mom brought him to National Bookstore to buy him a present. She gave him a 500 peso bill to spend in whatever way he chose.

Garvin: You don't have to give me a gift, A-ko (aunt).
My mom: But I want to. Here's the money, buy anything you want and use it up.
Garvin: OK

After a while....

My mom: Haven't you picked anything yet?
Garvin: Nothing yet. Everything's so expensive. Sayang pera

After a while, he finally chose a book worth much less than 500 pesos, paid for it, and gave the change to my mother.
My mom: O, that's it? You still have some money to spend.
Garvin: This is okay na, A-ko. Thank you very much! I like this and it's enough for my Christmas gift.

My mom was so proud of him! I was too! It goes to show how good a child he really was, and what a fine adult he would have turned out to be.

I miss him a lot! He would have loved playing (young) uncle to my son. Oh well, I guess God has other plans for him.