Massage for Expectant Moms

Pregnant moms need pampering, but some people (both patients and masseurs/masseuses alike) are hesitant about massage because of the perceived delicate nature of pregnant women. While it is true that you should not treat a pregnant woman the same as an ordinary person wanting/needing massage, there are actually pregnancy massage techniques which are not only safe, they also help in ensuring that preggy moms get all the relaxation, pampering and other health benefits that they need at this time.

The next time I get pregnant (which I hope is soon!), I would consider buying a pregnancy massage DVD and try to convince or cajole hubby to giving me a pregnancy massage himself. You think he'd agree? After all, we're in this together!

Another massage that I think would benefit a lot is the lactation massage. I had a wonderful breastfeeding experience with my firstborn that I hope I would be able to duplicate with my second. But I'm also aware that if ever we do get our longed for second child, it would be a little more stressful since we have to give attention to both kids, unlike with one who has our full, undivided attention. I know that stress could affect milk supply too. With all the melamine scare around, it's still going to point out that mother's milk is still the best.