Looking Young

I'm already 38. People say I look younger than my real age, but I know that I cannot stop the damages my advancing age will do on my skin. I'm starting late on my age-defying ritual of nightly creams. I've been told, though, that resurgence is a much better option.

Being curious, I decided to check out the resurgence informercial available online. If I could be as beautiful as those featured women, I'd be one happy woman! Nevertheless, if what they claim is true, then I guess I should consider getting a murad resurgence therapy to keep me looking young for as long as possible.

It's a sad fact of life that women are often judged according to how good they look, whether or not they have other abilities or talents. But on the flip side, we should also think of looking good, not because of how others perceive us, but because we want to feel good about ourselves. And that means that, aside from appearances, a woman should always strive to be the best in her field.