Trick or Treat!

Ethan went trick or treating yesterday. Here is his costume:
He's the little boy in the angel costume. The photo was taken from his school halloween party. (Click on image to get a bigger view).

Lookit all the loot he got! (Again, please click on image for a bigger view)
The orange bag was the prize he got for being in the 10 cutest costumes. Not bad, noh, considering that there are more than 500 participants. :) Other categories were 10 scariest, 10 best United Nations costumes and 10 best Disney costumes.

It was fun, and all we had to do was provide some goodies for kids who pass by our house!


elapot said...


Mrs. G said...

The kid in the racing costume cute too!

theworkingmom said...

Ela -- thanks :) Cute silang lahat, actually, pero biased ako :)

Mrs G -- ahh, that's KC, Ethan's classmate. Yep, he's a cute little race car driver.

Aliw ngang umattend, kasi all the kids are in costume.

jan celiz-magtoto said...

for a change... lets scare each other