Yaya's Day Off

Yaya C. told me a few weeks before that she's taking today off so that she can spend time with her parents. I agreed. I didn't expect to be doing anything productive while the little tyke is awake. With his cousin Kuya G., it was virtually impossible for these 2 rambunctious (but fun!) boys to have any sleep! He finally crashed when he was having dinner (even had some food in his mouth pa), but it turned out to be a short nap. He woke up at around 8:30pm. My hubby and I fell asleep before he did, and when I woke up at around 11:00 pm, he was still awake, probably very bored (he was just lying in bed playing by himself in the darkened room), and smiling at me when he saw that I was already awake.

Haynaku! :)