Chic and Cheap Glasses

Lots of people I know hate wearing eyeglasses but cannot live without them. It's because they think that (1) eyeglasses are ugly and unfashionable and (2) eyeglasses are expensive.

That's not always the case. As attested by The Clark Howard Show, you can actually get attractive spectacles without breaking the bank! In fact you can get one pair for the low price of 8 dollars, all in!

I particularly like this pair:

Don't you think they look like Sarah Palin's glasses, which have become very fashionable of late, ever since she became the Republican bet for vice president? :)

People have realized that eyeglasses, when chosen properly, can actually complement your total look and give extra points for fashion and attractiveness. I know somebody who actually wears spectacles even if she does not need it (she uses plano -- no grade -- lenses). I do agree that it does make a face look a little bit more dignified, somehow. That's very important for "serious" jobs like lawyers, accountants, doctors, etc. where a person is oftentimes judged based on "business" look. However, there are already some glasses which offer a more "quirky" and casual style if you're not that stiff. And believe me, they all look good!