Cool Eye Protection

I've always been an advocate of sunglasses since I know for a fact that our eyes need UV protection all year round. Damage from UV has been blamed to be one of the chief causes of age related macular degeneration and of cataracts. Although the cause of pterygium is not yet that clear, sun exposure is also known to be one of the factors.

The great thing about sunglasses is that they are not only functional, they also do a lot in spicing up your outfit. There are cool men's sunglasses in different styles, some great for using for sportier outfits and some which will look good even with suits. I know some men who do not think much of other men who wear sunglasses, but they not only look great, they also protect your eyes.

There are also great looking women's sunglasses which may become key designer pieces in your wardrobe, especially since they are pretty affordable and lasts long compared to designer clothes. You can use these not only for protection, but also to protect your eyes.

The other great news is that these designer sunglasses are now available online at affordable prices. Think I'll have one for myself.