Coffee Break 1.41

Here's another coffee break question by Jan:

Being a little older means I have different groups of friends from different stages in my life. In general, we reminisce about the time that we had together, the people we knew, people/events/places during that stage of our lives.

For example, I was in high school in the eightees, so, baduy as it seems, we sometimes reminisce about the Bagets movies, Top Gun (with a young Tom Cruise), new wave music, and Madonna when she was young. We chuckle about some pranks pulled by our classmates. We remember some of the teachers, for both good reasons and otherwise.

But mostly, we update ourselves on what's going on in our lives. We trade stories of our jobs and our families. We wonder about our friends who have been MIA for quite a while. It doesn't really matter which group of friends it is, as long as we meet again, it's like we have so much to talk about.