Tracing Your Roots?

Have you ever tried tracing your family tree? So far, I haven't, but I'm guessing I trace it from the males in the family. You see, Chinese families generally keep a book of genealogy in their hometowns, but only the males are included. Daughters are considered unimportant and are married off anyway, so they do not have a place in the family genealogy book. Instead, they are included as a wife in their husband's family's genealogy book, if at all. At least that's how my grandfather used to explain it. I don't know if that's the case with all families, or just with ours. But that just makes it difficult to trace the maternal line.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, thanks for the suggestion. I will totally check out family tree. I recently got engaged after I was surprised by a diamond engagement ring my husband bought me from We both come from big families and want to trace our roots from both sides, thanks for the tip!