Make Soy Candles

A few year ago, candle making was all the rage by "crafty" men and women. You can see beautifully crafted candles everywhere -- as wedding and birthday giveaways, inexpensive housewarming gifts, birthday and Christmas gifts. Though the trend has since waned a bit since then, several people still love those beautifully crafted, beautifully scented candles.

My son's pediatrician and my kumare introduced me to soy candles. These are organic, clean burning (no soot), beautifully scented, long lasting candles. I'm planning to buy a few as gifts for the coming Christmas season. I would have loved to learn how to make these candles, but, well, I simply do not have the time to do so. But for moms who would be interested to make their own soy candles, I've actually found a site which specializes in candle making supplies. Sure, you can find fragrance oils and containers locally, but I do not know of any local shop selling soy wax.

I hope that this site will be as informative for you as it is for me. Enjoy making your Christmas gifts!