Improving My Business Website

I've been thinking a lot lately of going a little more full time with my online microbusiness at Ethan's Store. Do come and visit us at . We sell mostly unique personal care products, a lot of which are organic and virgin coconut oil based. Our prices are very competitive and our products WORK! My bestseller is the Coco Cabana Natural Insect Repellant which is virgin coconut oil based and contains essential oils of citronella, lavender and lemongrass. I've been using it on my son ever since he was a few months old and it has really kept mosquitoes away from him!

As you can see, I've gotten my own domain for it but it's still I still use a blogger template. I admit I'm a neophyte at building and maintaining a website, most especially an e-commerce site.

I've seen a lot of people having great, professional looking designs. I'm thinking that it might be worth it to have a professionally done Website Design. It can't be denied that image counts for a lot, especially in business. It's different from a personal website or blog, which can look "unprofessional" but still look nice, as it is somehow an expression of a person's individuality. In business, however, I think there should be a more polished, corporate look, especially for a "serious" business.

I'm looking at some web hosting companies which would help me put up my dream business website. One of those which I've come across and which I'm adding to my shortlist is Heritage Web Solutions. This company has a client base of over 30,000 websites. They must be doing something right for so many people to trust them. I've looked at their portfolio and the webdesigns look great! They claim that all their designs are unique and ultimately, that's what I want, not some copy of another website.

Are they the right people to make Ethan's Store come "alive" on the net? What do YOU think? Is my search over?


Leonne Vakapuna said...

I love working with this company they are so on top of it. i had no idea what I wanted but they helped me figure all of that out. I really enjoy working with them. Great services