College Education from Home

I'm currently enrolled in a distance education course in the University of the Philippines Open University. However, the course I am currently enrolled in, Masters in Hospital Administration is not a pure distance learning, because we have a monthly face to face encounter with our professor and our classmates. Nevertheless, this model is pretty useful for busy working individuals like me who do not have the time and the resources to be full time students. I am glad though, that I could pursue this course because I have a great childcare support system consisting of my mother and the nanny who could take care of my kid whenever I have to go to class.

If I didn't have that support system, I would have to forego my degree or go for a totally online one like what they now offer in Nouveau University, with a conditional license to grant degrees from the Arizona State Board for Private Post Secondary Education. Of course, having a degree in a US based school like Nouveau University has its advantages and disadvantages. We have to admit that college and graduate education here in the Philippines is still very inexpensive compared to other countries, especially if you're talking about University of the Philippines. This is still the case even if there have been a few tuition increases already and some students are in fact protesting over perceived "high" school fees. But I'm going off topic here.

I guess the biggest attraction of a degree obtained from a US based institution like the Nouveau University is the prestige of being educated abroad. You know how much that counts for over here. And since it's distance learning, you can actually save on travel, room and lodging fees, and of course, you can still work to pay your tution.

I do not know the whole process of getting into one of their programs if you attended high school over here, but you can just contact them for more information.