Yoiks, I lost my files!

Ye, it can happen ... and our first reaction is a blank stare that says "What do I do now?" ... and then, we kick ourselves "Why didn't I backup my files?"

For very important files, I usually back them up somewhere. We have an external hard drive that we use occasionally, especially for pictures. We also make digital albums on CDs and don't erase the images on the SD cards.

For other important files, I also email myself.


Jena Isle said...

Hi working mom,

I apologize for not being able to join the previous carnival. If you have a new topic, kindly inform me so I could join too, Thanks.

Jena Isle

Bryan Wilde said...

I can never be reminded to back up enough. A writer whom I admire just shared with me that she lost everything on a computer a few years back. Ouch! There were some great things I would have loved to have a copy of from her. Backing up is so easy. Maybe that's why we don't do it.

Dining Table said...

I also experience like this. And I hate to say it that. I so agree. I don't know what to do.