Lighting Up!

My husband and I do not always agree on what type of lamps we should use in our future house. He's more of the function before form type, and would rather to use white light in desk lamps so it would be easier to do paper work. He's right actually. It is so much easier to work under the right lighting, and so much more economical in the long run.

However, I do believe lights in the living room and foyer should not only serve the purpose of lighting up the room, they should also serve a decorative function. I'd love to put some nice lamps and lamp shades at strategic places, so that the soft lighting would serve to give a more inviting atmosphere.

I guess we'd come to a compromise somehow. :) And since it looks like it's gonna take awhile before we actually get a place where we'll be buying for ourselves and living in, we can still try to convince each other. :)