Better Way To Keep Memories

Ever since the advent of digital cameras, more and more photos are left in hard drives or SD cards. I'm one of those moms who are guilty of not having a physical photo album in which my son's photographs are showcased. My mother-in-law has been convincing me to have them printed, since for her, looking at pictures on the computer screen is not the same as looking at actual photographs. I actually agree with her. I am bothered, though, about the amount of loose pictures we had from childhood which remained unbound or have fallen off old photo albums. Time really does not guarantee that precious pictures will be kept forever, and photo albums are sadly not as durable as they used to be.

I did make an album of sorts back when my son turned 1. I printed out images on photo papers and had them ring bound by an office supply store near our home. Now, looking at it, it looks very rough, but I was proud of it. It also served as a guest book during my son's birthday as the guests signed up on the white pages. Too bad not too many guests signed, because they took a long time, as they were busy looking at the pictures!

We have already compiled quite a pile of pictures. However, I probably would not do it the way I did before, printed it out myself and had it ring bound. I would like better prints, better layout and of course better book binding for those precious photos. I came across, which offers machines especially for this purpose. I'm thinking that this will not only be great for my family's albums, but will also make a great business. There's an ongoing contest and I'm trying my luck. Who knows, I might just be making beautiful photobooks in no time at all!