coffee break ver. 1.44

This is another coffee break question by Jan:

My faves are the following:

1. Amazing Race
I love the excitement of this race, the search and the deciphering of the clues, the tasks and the fact that the partners really should work with each other. And, that there's really no judging...whoever comes first at the end wins.

2. American Idol
I am a frustrated singer myself, and I love seeing if my choices would jibe with the judges and/or the text voter's choices. I love the fact that it seems to be getting better and better. And some of the auditions are really very funny! The Philippine version just does not have the same appeal for me, but perhaps it's because it's still pretty new.

3. I had to think long and hard for this. But finally I think I like Pinoy Big Brother also. You can see how the people in bahay ni kiua interact with each other, although I would wonder how much of it is true. And I like the fact that the power of the housemates in eliminating the other members is only limited to nominating people, not outright eliminating it (which is done by the text votes).

It's a pity I do not get to watch these as often as I'd like to. Nowadays my "reality show" is watching my son grow before my very eyes.