Hard To Feed!

My son is a VERY hard to feed child. One of the times I'm thankful for having a yaya is so that she will be the one to feed him.

Why it's difficult to feed him:

  • He takes his time to eat. Each meal takes almost 1-2 hours.
  • He chews VERY slowly. Sometimes you will see that his cheeks are full already from food but he still won't swallow.
  • He does not have a favorite food. Arggghhhh! Nothing to bribe him with.
  • He may like a certain food but then will tire of it easily.
  • He does not even like the usual kiddie faves like jollibee spaghetti.
  • He does not like junk food (I guess this is a good thing! :) ).
  • He refuses to have breakfast. He only grudgingly accepts milk.
My mom likes to remind me that she had the same difficulties when I was a that age (3 years old). So, is it hereditary?

I'd be at my wits' end except that he has basically remained healthy and his weight gain has been constant despite everything. Sometimes I do wonder if we pressure him too much. His weight is very normal but the elders insist that he's payatot (thin). Maybe he's just not hungry during the times that we deem mealtimes. When it takes too long between meals, he's pretty fast naman.

Oh well, as long as he's healthy. In the meantime, I'm glad yaya is there to feed him because honestly, a working mom does not have an extra 4 hours to feed a child. I'd never get things done!

If anybody has any suggestions on how to improve his appetite, I'd be glad to listen!
This is my entry to PPBC 10th Edition: Picky Eaters hosted by Jenny. :)