Yes, I Will Breastfeed Again!

I've had a very pleasant breastfeeding experience with my firstborn. I was able to nurse for 1 year and 10 months. It would have been a bit longer if only I hadn't gotten sick with Hydatidiform mole and had to undergo chemotherapy.

Because of this very positive experience, I am definitely going to breastfeed my new baby! We're quite lucky in that there are now a lot of breastfeeding clothes and paraphernalia like breast pumps. I know that an essential accessory to successful nursing is a good nursing bra. I love the Beautiful Nursing Bras by Condessa because they don't just look utilitarian, they actually look beautiful and comfortable! They can also be paired with matching bikini panties or minimizing briefs for a more alluring figure for new moms who need just that extra boost of confidence.