Coffee Break 1.46

Another coffee break question from Jan:

A lot of little things make me smile, most of it (not all though) revolving around my little family :). See, I'm smiling already!

  • My child's laughter -- That's why we love tickling him. It's music to our ears.
  • The way my child says "mommy"...
  • My child's kisses, especially his good night kisses on my cheeks on my tummy (for Baby Inside)
  • Seeing my little boy nestled up with my husband
  • Looking at my son's pictures
  • Looking at my baby's pictures
  • Looking at my wedding pictures
  • Looking at MY pictures from babyhood to childhood to school
  • Seeing a grateful patient
  • Late night dates with the hubby -- which are actually DVD marathons while the baby is asleep. (Can't do that lately coz I'm always sleepy)
  • Seeing my little boy with his grandmas.
There are lots, lots more. I am very happy that I do not need material things to make me happy and my family gives me all the reasons in the world to smile.