Coffee Break 1,45 And A Christmas Survey

Christmas is in the air!

For us Filipinos, Christmas is probably the most important holiday of the year. We start thinking Christmas after all soul's day has gone. We buy gifts for almost everyone we know. We attend parties. We eat to our heart's content! We decorate our homes.

In line with this, Jan asks in this week's coffee break:

My reply:
  • My budget - If I don't have extra money to burn, I'll have to go with less expensive gifts, or give less people
  • Age and gender of the recipient
  • My relationship with the recipient - Of course, the closer the person is to me, the more likely he or she will be on my Christmas list.
  • My situation at the time - Chinese custom dictates that mourning families should not give gifts and other people should understand about it. The year my dad died, we didn't give any gifts because, although we were following tradition, the truth is that nobody was in the mood for Christmas shopping.
I've made another post on my other blog about my tips for people who have a long Christmas list.

In line with Christmas, Dneero also has a survey on this. Here goes: