Starting My Christmas Shopping

Christmas is just around the corner! It's the happiest time of the year for many Filipinos, who have the longest Christmas celebration in the world. It's also the time when people give and receive gifts.

I have started some shopping for toys for the children in my gift list. My shopping is however, far from over. There are still a number of people (adults!) who I want to give gifts to, but I'm just not sure what to get them. It's great that we can now browse and buy stuff on the net.

My mom loves to fix up the home once in a while. I believe that she would be happy with anything from here.

I think my mother would be happy with anything for her garden. She's very happy puttering around, making things grow. Unfortunately, I do not have her inclination and her talent, so I have to rely on online reviews in order to get what would be the best choice for her.

My husband would love tools since he loves tinkering around with mechanical stuff. Hmmm, maybe I should let him browse here so that I'll know what he really wants.

Well, still browsing and still looking for the perfect gift. Hope I will finish my shopping before December!