I Always Look Pregnant...Even If I Was Not

I have never lost my post baby tummy. People have always remarked about my "pregnancy" and I have always politely stated that "No, I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat around my middle" and they'd be all apologetic. It's getting to be irritating, sometimes.

Well, this time I'm actually pregnant, and although I shouldn't be showing yet at this stage, it does give me an excuse to have a big tummy! I know I should be trying to lose that tummy (I never had a problem with my weight, just my fat distribution) after I give birth this time. I also know that no matter I still need cardio exercises in order to lose the fat enough to shape my tummy. I used to go to a gym for treadmill exercises, but I never had the chance anymore to go, since I still work and I try to be as hands on as possible to my firstborn. More so now that I will be expecting our second child. Maybe I should consider getting one of those folding treadmills in order to maintain an exercise regimen at home.