Not Too Prepared

Back in 1991, my family and I went on my first ever USA trip. Since it was a momentous occasion, we decided to visit as many points of interests as we can. Imagine, in the course of about three weeks, we were able to go to 4 national parks (if my memory serves me right) in 6 states on the west coast, enjoy Disneyland and Universal Studios as well as watch a show in Las Vegas!

One particular place that sticks out in my mind is visiting Yellowstone Park. It was snowing when we arrived. We weren't able to go through the whole park since some places were closed because of bad weather. My father drove around, but somewhere along the way, we got a little lost. Hungry and cold (I was not wearing proper Outdoor Womens Clothing but just whatever warm clothes I could find in my mostly tropical outfits), we were getting a little scared. We then came upon a small convenience store, where thankfully, food is available! Soup from the convenience store never tasted this good!

This is certainly a lesson for us. The next time we go to say, hike up a mountain, we should have the proper Mountain Climbing Gear. Men should also be prepared with their Outdoor Mens Clothing . It may not be so easily found back in the Philippines in 1991 but now it's so conveniently available online, so there is really no excuse not to be prepared.