Being Employed is Not Bad At All

In the eye center where I'm working, I'm considered a consultant and not an employee, so I don't get wages and other employee incentives. I actually pay a certain rent in order to have the right to hold my clinic there. The staff there, on the other hand, enjoy some employee incentive programs like an all expense paid vacation for everybody in the company, a health program, and seminars paid for by the Eye Center. I did get a chance to avail of a Corporate Incentive Travel to a midyear convention paid for by one sponsor because I was lecturing regarding their machine, but otherwise, I don't get a lot of perks as what other people believe we do.

This year, the members of the staff were able to go to Catanduanes for the mid-year convention, all paid for by the Eye Center, of course. They went on a side trip to Sorsogon in order to see the butandings (whale sharks). However, something went wrong: The driver didn't know his way. As a consequence, they were able to arrive at Sorsogon mid day already, when the butandings can no longer be sighted since they dive to deeper depths when the sun is already high up in the sky. Everybody got a little disappointed because of this. This could have been better handled by a Incentive Travel Companies rather than if they had just arranged everything themselves.

But hey, at least they got to go there. I would have spent my own money if I had gone since I'm not considered an employee.