Pregnant or Plus Sized?

While I've been quite slim for most of my life, I noticed that my dress size has increased throughout the years. I used to be an XS in my teens, then S in my early twenties, M in my late twenties, and now I'm hovering between M and L! The years and childbearing have certainly taken their toll. Good thing it's not too obvious yet! Now I'm pregnant again. I've found that it's easier (and cheaper) for me to just buy or borrow Plus Size Women’s Clothing instead of buying strictly maternity clothes which I will only use for a few months' time at the most. I don't know why, but things marked "maternity" seems to be more expensive too. My tummy is so big that I have to use the larger maternity sizes anyway. And from my experience from my firstborn, it does take a while for me to look like I did before pregnancy.

Would you believe that the following are plus size clothing?

Looks fab, right? :D Unlike the unstylish clothes that plus size women were forced to wear before, just because there were not enough choices!

We are certainly blessed with a lot more choices for nice clothing, even if we are not blessed with model thin figures.