Talking About Religion

Being raised in a predominantly Buddhist family but educated in a Catholic school has somehow made me more tolerant about other people's beliefs. I have realized that most religions are actually similar. All of the major religions teach us to be morally upright and to do the right thing. My grandfather used to say that he'd rather that we believe in some religion so that we have a guide to follow in life.

However, religion is really a topic that's subject to a lot of argument. While I'm interested in what other people have to say about their own beliefs, it's pretty difficult to talk about the differences when people become passionate about their own and would sometimes go through the (implied) "My faith is better than yours". That's why I generally don't discuss about different beliefs with other people (same is true with political beliefs, although that's another topic entirely.)

It's a great thing that nowadays there are already online communities which discuss and chat about different topics, even "taboo" ones like religion and politics. I came across a site promoting Free LDS Chat and I think it's a great idea! I wonder if only LDS are allowed to join, or other people who are simply curious can join and probably get a little more insight into their lifestyle and beliefs, without arguing about them, of course.