House Repairs

My mom, since she is semi-confined to the home because of her limited mobility nowadays, has decided to have some house repairs. It's a perfect time for roofing since summer is here and we don't really expect any rains. I wonder if the people mom got are as good as the Albuquerque Roofer says they are. We don't want any leaks when the rainy season comes but it's pretty hard to tell how good is the work done unless there are already rains, but by then, it would be too late to do further repairs. That's what happened to us a few years back when we had our roofing replaced. The leaks worsened! The few leaks we had before the repairs were even less than what we had after the repairs. Arrrggghhh!

Another drawback to having house repairs is the need to have stuff moved around from room to room. It's such a hassle, but necessary since you don't want your precious stuff to be "in the line of fire", so to speak. That's what I'm doing in between blogging -- moving stuff around -- and before going to work.

I just hope that the repairs would be fast -- and good.