Nature Trips for Me

I've never been much of an outdoor person, but I enjoy hearing my husband telling me about exploring the caves in Sagada, going to "virgin" beaches around the Philippines, doing their community in the smallest barrios with no modern bathrooms and limited electricity, and basically just roughing it out with friends and/or family.

To be honest about it, I love going on trips, but I prefer those places with some basic modern amenities like a bathroom and electricity. Must be my parents' influence, because I really do not see myself roughing it out. I did go to a camping trip during my CAT days, but the girls were billeted at the barracks instead of tents, and we did have bathrooms, electricity and hot meals.

I would probably consider such nature trips for my family if we are well-equipped with the right gear, and if there are amenities close by, if not onsite. Right now, I'm dreaming of going to beaches in Boracay, Palawan or Bohol, but these are places which are developed for tourists to visit. I know there are other smaller beaches with less development but with basic amenities that would answer my needs but allow my family to commune with nature.