Studies On Hold

I'm currently on leave from my studies at the UP Open University. I figured since I'll be giving birth in June and that's when school starts, it would be a trifle difficult for me to struggle with new mom duties AND schoolwork. I'll also be on leave from work -- my priorities are clear, and my responsibilities as mom take precedence over everything else at this time.

Anyway, one of the subjects I will have to reenroll in is about research. It's really not an easy subject, since we have to first think of a topic that will (1) fit our course and (2) be approved by our professor and (3) be simple enough for us to do on our free time -- which most of us do not have, as we are all working. This is the time that I wish that I could make use of such resources like MSU ME 201 Homework Solution which are available for MSU Michigan State University ME 201 students. Well, there's nothing like doing it yourself, so, I guess I'll have to be doing that sooner or later