Too Hot!

The Holy Week that past coincides with the hottest days of summer, at least here in the Philippines! The fact that I'm currently pregnant also means that I feel the heat even more acutely. Our electric bill is getting much higher because we can't help but turn our air conditioner lately.

However, our current air conditioner is more than 10 years old already. Not only is it noisy, it probably does not do the cooling job well. We're currently scouting for a new air conditioner. There are lots of deals right now, with 0% percent interest, which would fit our budget. We feel that with the air conditioner's age, it's not anymore cost effective to have it repaired unless the technician is certified and as good as those of Austin HVAC-Air-Conditioner. It would probably be easier for us to just buy a new one.

We hope we'd able to install the new air conditioner within this month or next month. I'm due to give birth in June and we'd like the new air conditioner to be in place by that time. Although it might be a bit cooler during that time due to the expected rainy season, I like the idea of having a controlled temperature setting for my newborn. Also, I'm expected by my mother to do ge-lai (confinement period for one month) and she expects me not to take a bath for a month! I don't really know if I could last, but I'll survive if it's not too hot!