When Moving

We still live with our parents even though we are already married and have a kid. Other people may not understand this, but it's a common practice with Asians, especially since I'm Chinese. It's the most economically viable option at present. Not only that, we have instant babysitters for our kid/s whenever we have to work. The grandmothers are more than willing to watch over their precious grandchild/grandchildren. We're staying with my mom during the weekdays since her house is nearer our work and Ethan's school, as well the hospitals and groceries. Hence it is much more convenient for us. We stay with my mother-in-law during the weekends.

We do plan to move out eventually, especially when the kids go to big school. We just haven't decided where. It sometimes is difficult to believe how much stuff we've accumulated through our 4 years of marriage. We have a lot of stuff in both our mothers' home -- baby stuff, wedding gifts (both used and unused), electronic gadgets like the TV and computer, and of course our personal stuff. We're gonna have to hire a good mover like Fort Worth Movers who can transport our stuff without damaging anything when the time comes for us to move.