Preggy Shoes

The last trimester of my pregnancy has made me quite awkward in my movements. My tummy is definitely bigger than the average almost 7-monther, and my center of gravity has shifted forward, which results in sort of a waddling gait and awkward movements. The added weight has also put a lot of work on my poor feet. I need comfy shoes! But since I go to work, I need shoes that are comfortable enough to make walking with my added weight a breeze BUT stylish enough to pair with my office clothes. Definitely something that would match most of my maternity wardrobe please!

I'm currently coveting a pair of tory burch reva which seems to fit the bill. They look so comfortable! And they look more stylish than the current rubber clogs that I'm wearing and which I chose for its comfort rather than its style. The colors are so nice too, just right for the summer weather!

Unfortunately, I do not know any store here in the Philippines which carry this brand and type of shoe (or maybe I just don't go out too much!) It's fortunate that I could actually buy this pair online via Jildor Shoes, which is an online shop for designer shoes for women.