We Want A Vacation!

My husband and I have always talked about having a break from work and the daily humdrum. Imagine, the last time we really had a vacation was our 3-day honeymoon in Hong Kong! But after that it was pretty difficult to get away, especially as I got pregnant soon after the wedding. Later, there was a small child to consider. While others may say that it's fun to bring the child along, we didn't really like the hassle. We did bring him to Tagaytay when we had a convention, after which we thought of exploring on our own. We brought along so much baby stuff then! His portable crib, his stroller, a cooler of expressed breastmilk, sterilizer, bottles, breast pump...We decided then that we'll just wait till he's older and probably have some memories of the trip.

This year, our convention is in Cebu and we had thought of going and extending a few more days for a vacation, maybe go over to Bohol too! There are all inclusive beach resorts in both Cebu and Bohol, so getting reservations would most likely be easier for all of us. Since our little boy is no longer a baby, it would be easier to bring him along. I was actually starting to look at all inclusive vacation packages so that we would be able to enjoy the trip without too much hassle. But before we could make any definite plans, we found out that I was pregnant! By the time the convention rolls around, I would already be in my 8th month of pregnancy. Although it's still safe enough to travel, we decide to postpone it again this time, since it is difficult for me, and also because we know we needed to save money for my Ceasarean delivery.

Still, we're trying to dream up and save for a vacation, with or without the kids. A "second honeymoon" at an all inclusive resort vacation, especially in places like the Bahamas would be very ideal. Or maybe Brazil. Then explore some interesting and historical places in South America. Ah, it's really fun to dream about exotic vacations with the love of my life (my husband, of course)! Just what a tired, working mom needs!