Our Grandparents' Old House

I've always loved my grandmother's old house. Last I looked though, it was in great danger of being a victim of age. It's not surprising since it's been quite neglected when my grandparents moved. When my grandparents still lived there, my grandmother has been very vigilant about house repainting, periodic house repairs, termite control...things like that.

I loved its timelessness (even though it was built in the 1950s), its airiness (which is sometimes lacking in some houses being built later), its lawn and garden, its patio. I love that it's something that children can actually grow up in...with adequate space for them to play. I wish that it could be renovated again so that it could be lived in again (although I would prefer experts like those in Houston Remodeling to bring it back to its former glory).

The negative thing about the house, though, is its location. There are nearby squatters. Unfortunately, when my grandparents moved, looters came in immediately to cart away anything and everything of value! It's also located in a low lying area, hence the place is prone to flooding when the rainy season comes. Still it's a nice house, and I'd love to build something like that when I get the chance to have a house of my own.