Dream House

I am entertaining fantasies of having my own hearth and home, where we get to set our own rules and do things our way, not somebody else's way (even if that somebody happens to be mom). But, our current budget only allows monthly amortizations on a very small space which is not enough for a growing family. So why get it at all? That's because it's a good investment. Selling or renting it means income for us. Now if we can only get a good agent like the San Antonio Realtors to help us in offering our tiny condo unit for sale or for rent, and also to help us look for a more suitable (and affordable place) for our family to eventually live in.

Although I am aware that I may be too idealistic, it never hurts to dream of the ideal house for us right? Yes, you read it right, would love a house, even a townhouse, rather than a condo. Would love something with at least 2 bedrooms (but 3 or 4 bedrooms would be better), with at least 2 bathrooms, a kitchen that's separate from the rest of the house and a garage that can house 3 vehicles. Large windows with lots of natural light and ventilation and high ceilings would be ideal, as well as an outdoor patio where I could laze around in. A small, easy to maintain garden (I don't have a green thumb) for my children to play in and for that nature's touch. And, of course, not too far from our clinics and our children's school. Having a grocery, a market, drugstore, hospitals would be great too!

I guess if I wish and pray hard enough I'll get it. I really hope so.