Pregnancy Thoughts

I actually felt most beautiful when I was pregnant. Maybe because I was very happy then and very excited to become a mother. I was probably reflecting that "glow" that people talked about because people also commented that I looked great during that time. It helped that I still looked slim everywhere else except my tummy, which was a large one leading the way for me wherever I go! It was so big that at 6 months, I looked like moms in their 9th month! So you could imaging how I looked like during my 9th month. But all through this time, I didn't look pregnant when you see me from the back :).

During my first pregnancy, most of the maternity clothes I used were borrowed from my aunt. My mother and mother-in-law also bought me some pieces. I also bought a couple of maternity pants. Most of the maternity wear I used then were practical pieces which I can use everyday when I go to work. I didn't have too many maternity dresses then so when my husband and I were invited to a friend's wedding, I begged off because I literally have nothing to wear and it's quite difficult to find formal clothes for pregnant women. Next time I get pregnant, I'll buy 1 or 2 dressier pieces for such occasions.

Because I had H. mole last year, our plans to have a second baby was postponed. We finally got our clearance from my gynecologist to have a second baby! Now, hoping for baby#2 :D.