The Frugal Shopper in Me

With the very fast depreciation that we're experiencing right now and the looming economic crisis, it is imperative that we get the best value out of our money. I'm pretty weird in that I'm not really that much of a shopaholic compared to other women. Which is a good thing considering the present economic situation.

That's because I feel that some purchases are better spent elsewhere, especially if the item is more of a want than a need. I don't really go for brand name items, you see. But I do try to stock up on the things I NEED and the things I WANT whenever I find sales or special deals.

For me, SALE is a four lettered word. I try to avoid it as much as I can since it can be so tempting to buy things that you do not need if you see that it's been marked down -- which defeats the purpose, really. I only go to sales when I have something in mind that I need or want to buy for the longest time but held off because I was looking for a better deal. Coupons are also a great idea for me. With $15 off coupon code discounts, my money goes a longer way than if I pay at full price! I could buy more stuff for my son, also at a discount of course. Or indulge my book addiction! Or just simply book a vacation for the whole family.