Quaint Old Faithful Inn

On our 1991 US trip, we checked in at a quaint old inn called Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone Park. This inn was built around 1904. It is now considered a national landmark. The rates, however, were surprising reasonable, at least back in 1991. We thought that it would be more expensive than the usual hotels, considering its location and its place in history. Maybe because it was off season? It was snowing when we were there and although Yellowstone Park was beautiful we were told that it was more beautiful in the summer. I don't know if the prices have remained reasonable since we have never gone back there again, so far. I heard that there were renovations done to the place a few years back.

The Old Faithful Inn was just in front of the geyser, Old Faithful, which spews out its hot contents every hour, on the dot. But that was not the only thing that was memorable about that inn. Since the inn was old, it was old fashioned. It has an old fashioned main dining hall with exposed beams. It literally takes you back in time to a different age. You will feel as if you have stepped into a time machine.

The bedroom also featured old fashioned furnishings. It has the usual beds, desk, and chair, but all of which were old fashioned furniture even older than my grandparents. Not all the rooms have their own bathroom, but we opted to get one with an ensuite bathroom. Lo and behold, even the bathtubs were old fashioned. I think that's what they call the claw foot tub. It was very old. I believe it could be considered an antique piece. It was also a little larger than the modern standard bathtubs, although not as large as whirlpool tubs. There was no shower. Maybe because showers were not the "in" thing when the inn was constructed. The fixtures are also old fashioned.

I've heard that even after the renovation, they have faithfully reproduced the old fashioned fixtures of the place. This is a good thing. It's difficult to find such a quaint inn nowadays, with a feel quite different from the usual luxurious but modern looking hotels that we usually see nowadays.