Music -- High Definition, Now!

I'm really feeling old. Being born in the seventies and a teenager during the eighties exposed me to a lot of great music that gets a few remakes from the newer artists every few years or so. How do I know this? I sometimes hear what to me is a familiar song but just does not sound the artist I know. Yeah, nothing sounds as great as the original, but hey, today's high definition radio makes music crystal clear, unlike those of years past. Imagine, I was born during the time of vinyl records. CDs were a revolutionary invention during what? The nineties? Now the new radio stations all use terms I'm not that familiar with -- iTunes, mp3, to name a few.

Now there's even iTunes Tagging. I only learned about this new technology recently. To think that I had to use a radio and a cassette recorder to tape my favorite song. Now, it's so much easier, and without the unwanted "background noise" that I had with my old technique! And, the quality is so much better!