Modern Dating

Times have definitely changed. The social landscape has been altered because we now have the internet. To a large extent, that is really a good thing. I've met people and formed strong friendships over the net. I get to know other bloggers from all over the world, with interests and viewpoints that are either similar or opposite to mine, but they are nevertheless all interesting people. It's easier to keep in touch, since emails are much much faster than snail mails. Parents who work overseas can constantly keep in touch with their families and have a chat with their kids via webcam and YM or chat.

Because of all these developments over the net, it is but natural for people to look for deeper relationships online, when conventional methods fail. It is quite common nowadays to find women looking for men and men looking for women as possible future partners online. Think of it as an online blind date. A lot of successful relationships start out online. But as in real life, you have to be careful. Bad elements lurk everywhere, and the internet is no exception. Choose sites that have a good reputation already so that you could lessen your chances of getting fooled.