Sweet Fifteen -- The Quinceanera

A young girl's introduction to society is marked at different ages. Here in the Philippines, a debutante celebrates her eighteenth birthday with a bang. More affluent families will spend on a hotel ballroom celebration, a designer gown and other fripperies equaled only by a wedding. Families of more modest means usually still mark this auspicious occasion by having a small party at their home.

In Spanish speaking countries of the Americas, the equivalent of what we call a debut is a Quinceanera. This coming of age celebration is held when the girl turns fifteen. The quinceanera (also the term for the celebrant) is honored, although traditions may vary from place to place. As with our own society, the more affluent members of the society rents a dance hall and spends for Quinceanera Dresses and accessories, wanting their baby girl literally turn into a princess for the day. There are also other needs like shoes, tiaras, Quinceanera Invitations, favors, gifts, even music to be played and cookbooks for the traditional food to be served! . With the power of the internet, all of these can now be ordered conveniently online from an easily navigable website, http://www.quinceanera-sweetfifteen.com/. You can also find suggested themes in their website. They even have a party planning tool to help you prepare for it. Truly a one-stop shop for everything related to the Quinceanera!