He Sings!

Even before he could talk, my son could already carry a tune. It was quite a surprise for us, when one day he suddenly sang "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". The lyrics were not quite right, but the melody was. He literally first learned to sing before he learned to talk.

The songs that he usually sings are the ones we sing to him...we just didn't know that he already knew it. We don't have mp3 players for kids yet (we don't even have one ourselves because we just use our car radios whenever we're out and our old CD players when we're home). We are wondering if mp3 players for kids would be useful for distracting him with music whenever we need to divert his attention. Or if these could help him learn new songs. I'm also wondering if these mp3 players for kids could help hasten his speech development. If that is the case, maybe I really should seriously consider buying one.