coffee break ver. 1.23

This week's coffee break question: How would you reward yourself after a long day at work?

I guess seeing my son is already a reward. When I call out his name when I'm home, I hear fast, frantic footsteps on the wooden floor upstairs and I smile. Turns out he couldn't get out because of the safety first gate and he was telling his grandma: "Mommy, Mommy" meaning I'm home and and he wants to see me.

And the big big smile on his face complete with dimples on both cheeks...these are enough to just let all the tiredness from work melt away.

...but then I get tired again when I have to run after him when he's playing! LOL

Ah, the joys of being mom.


jan celiz-magtoto said...

aaw... sweet...=)

-Jackie- said...

hi joey musta...just dropping by here

theworkingmom said...

Jan -- Yup, it really warmed my heart :)

Jackie -- I'm doing fine. Kumusta na?