Cheaper Ink Costs

Printing photos use up a lot of ink, as we can attest to. I made my son's guestbook during his first birthday celebration and it was full of his pictures from his birth up to his first birthday. I wish I knew that there are available discounts on Epson color printer inkjet cartridges online, so that I can get better deals for the same quality of ink. We used other compatible inks, but the results just are not the same as those of the original, so we'd rather go for the original if you need better quality, like for example, for photos. But if it's just for general printing, the use of generic, OEM and remanufactured cartridges will do nicely and can also save a lot of money.

Different printing needs require different types of printer. I always thought that deskjets are more economical than inkjets which in turn are more economical than laser printers, but I've realized that that's not necessarily the case. It still depends on what the printer is used for. I'm trying to study which is the most economical for my needs. I'm also trying to look for tips for saving ink. With the large volume of ink that we are using, both for our general printing needs and for printing our pictures, we do need to find ways to lessen our ink costs.