Father's Day Q &A :)

Got this from my mailing list and posting this in celebration of Father's Day.

1. What "pet name" did your father call you when you were little?

"Bia". Everybody in my family calls me that. It's from "Baby" and since they're Chinese, it started as "Baby-ah" then evolved to "Bia". That's because I was the first apo on my Dad's side and the first female apo on my Mom's side.

2. What qualities does your husband have in common with your father?
(good & bad)
Good: Thinks of the family first
Bad: Matampuhin :)

3. What was your first impression of your father-in-law the first time
you met him or were introduced to him?
Unfortunately, I never got to meet him. He passed away before I got to know my husband.

4. What 3 words can describe your hubby as a father?
Very loving
Mahaba ang pasensya
Very hands on

5. What do you plan to give or do for hubby for Father's Day?

Rubik's cube! Hehehe. Yun kasi hilig niya ngayon eh.

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