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Jan asks: What are your top 3 gift suggestions this Father's Day?

Since my father has already passed away, my gift suggestions would be for my husband :) . These are the things that he really, really wants.

  1. A house
  2. A new car
  3. A vacation
Hahaha! Fortunately, these are things I also want! Unfortunately, we cannot afford these just yet. So, the next list is the more realistic list:
  1. An Original Rubik's Cube -- He is so much into these nowadays! He actually already has quite a few in this (new) collection, of different sizes, shapes and designs. He also has a jumbo one, one 5x5 and one 2x2. I already bought him one original Rubik's cube from Toys R Us but he still wants another one. So, this would probably be a good gift choice for him.
  2. A new mattress -- Ours is old and not comfortable anymore. So actually this is for the 3 of us (because the kiddo sleeps with us) to save all our backs!
  3. New clothes -- I think all of us need a wardrobe change once in a while. He is no exception.
I know my choices maybe boring, but then I unfortunately cannot afford to give him more expensive "toys" since I do not have the budget for it. :( My dear, I promise that I'll give you better stuff later, if and when I can afford it already (when I hit the lotto jackpot? hahaha). Happy Father's Day!