Web Design...The First Look

I must admit that I'm not very creative with the look of my blogs. My background was never in computers and most of what I learned I did by just doing it. I always thought that content is more important than aesthetics. I think I'm right for the most part, however, I've noticed that I'm drawn more to blogs or websites with an eye-catching, unique custom web design.

I guess it's the same with people. You notice first the attractiveness before you delve deeper and see the inner beauty, which is not as obvious. The thing is, I'm actually a very simple person at heart and unless I have some dressy function to go to, I would usually walk around with no to minimal makeup. I guess the simplicity of my blogs is a reflection of how I am as a person.

I'm a dummy when it comes to design though, so even if I want to make my site more attractive, I do not know where to start. So I tend to look at a web design blog I've found on the net. This design blog aims to give tips to bloggers and website owners on how to make their sites more attractive. Whether people will stay to read and visit later now depends on the contents.