"Drawing From The Well" -- A Book Worth Looking Into

My father died from cancer a few year back. I know how devastating a disease that is, both to the individual and to the family, so I am always very curious and very inspired by stories of a cancer survivor.

The book, Drawing From The Well, is supposed to a journey of discovery through the power of prayer. The author, Ruth Wilma Shults, is a seventy five year old woman who looks back on her life and sees God's presence in her life's significant moments.

She believes that she was able to survive cancer because of her faith and her willingness to listen to and trust in God.

She also touches on past life therapy. This is a foreign concept for me, so I am going to quote heavily. This is a modality that searches the subconscious mind to retrieve data stored there and not available to the conscious mind without a past life therapy professional's assistance. The purpose being that to help patients dealing with issues stemming from subconscious pain experienced in past life abuse and/or trauma. The focus is to find what is referred to as "first cause." By dealing with the first cause patients will eventually be able to stop the cycle once and for all.

I think this will make an interesting read.